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Customer Discount Programs

 After 9 years, our small family business has grown enough to start giving back a little to those customers
who have been with us so long and for those who have just joined our little family.
These programs may help you finance your Retroscope Fashions habit!


#1 Customer Pictures

We would like to feature as many customers as possible in Retroscope Fashions clothing so that others can see the multiple ways items can be worn. Please send me your pictures and I will feature them on our Facebook Fan Page, our Pinterest Page and in our Retroscope Fashions website gallery.

For sending a picture of yourself or your model in Retroscope clothing, (PG only please as we do have young kids that buy from us as well!), I will send you a code for a 20% off coupon on your next purchase (you can get a one time use 20% off code for each picture, but discounts cannot be combined). Please send pictures directly to my email at retroscope@aol.com.

Please add any information that you would like me to include when I post your picture (your name or model's name, photographer's website, model's website, event, etc). I believe in promoting and supporting others, especially if you are a small designer, photographer, model or just want to share your kickass outfit with us

Maybe your picture will be featured on the front page of our website! Let me know if you have any questions! ~ Laura


#2 Customer Referrals

     Here are the requirements:

  1. Already be a customer - If you've purchased from our web site in the past, you're in our database and already an active customer

  2. Tell a friend about us and have them make a qualifying purchase - Your friend must purchase at least $80 worth of merchandise (before taxes/shipping)
    and fill in your name on the "Referred to Retroscope Fashions by" line during checkout. Your friend cannot have already been a customer with us. Their first
    time purchase is the only one that counts towards a credit on your account.

  3. Add up the credits! - You can choose to hold on to as many of your credits as you like to put toward your purchases. Any credits unused after one year will
    be forfeit. We will email customers as credits are attained. Customers who have credits available will be listed here.
    When you are ready to redeem your credits,
    email us (retroscope@aol.com) and we will send you a code to enter under the "Gift Voucher" option at checkout.